According to popular culture once you grow a fandom perfume is the next venture. Ariana Grande has created her new perfume and yes it screams girly and too close to Mariah’s perfume. The scent described by Ariana Grande is ” “luscious and sexy,” it is a fruity-floral gourmand thanks to “an addictive hint of marshmallow”  I am sure any grown woman would love to smell like a mixture of tween meets fairytales. I don’t know if this is something too many people will line up for. I could be wrong however, people paid $35 dollar for cat ears at her concerts. So apperently she knows whats going to work for her and the “arianators”


But would you really buy a crystal bottle with a pom pom on it? I think we might not see any future fragrances from Ms. Grande. At least I hope.

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Ladies and gentlemen…. is offically leaving us. It seemed too much for me to handle. Why you might say? Yhey are the leading people in style and trending. The leading people in street fashion photography and blogging. The leading people in all of which feels good about fashion. Well this is just my opinion. I believe that will be fine, but still this means well established people will have to start all over again and choose a new career path. Scary thoughts, maybe fashion is growing and then declining all at once. Well at least this is my point.


Ride On: Riding Boots History

AW12RidingBootsRiding boots seem to be all the rage in fashion when it comes to the fall and winter season. You see them with fur lining, fleece lining, leather, gold metal accents, and so much. Fashion has made these boots their own variation of styles. However when did these boots coexist with just being  fashion statement and not for work wear. Not for the soldiers riding into the Revolutionary War?

riding-bootsRiding boots appeared in the 1500’s for men who used their horses as daily transportation to get to where they were going. Many say the Spaniards are the creators of these boots during the 1500’s. The original boots were sort of uncomfortable and made in the shape of the foot being pointed. Better developed shoes were made in the 1800’s during the American Gold Rush. The shoes were made for miners and cowboys to wear during their never ending work loads. Leather was still the choice material for the boots to be made in due to its sustainability against dirt and water. Today the boot has various forms from equestrian, cowboy , and just fashion for men and woman. In the end the boot has definitely evolved in the world of fashion.

1807_fullandhalfdress_chltenhammuseum_org_uk_edit Bloody-History-Of-The-Riding-Boot s-l1000

History of the Cable Knit


Cable knit sweaters have been around for decades of time and have the intricate designs that only skilled knitters know how to handle. The different sweaters can be known as to tell hidden messages inside of them. These sweaters are slo known as the Aran sweater.

cablestitchThe cable knit in this design was made to symbolize the fisherman ropes.These sweaters allowed you to know who was the fisherman and who was working on the docks during those time periods. it can be brought back all the way from the early 1900’s when the industrial revolution started booming and when the docks became a bit busier. This was was the time people wore these sweaters on cold days to signify who was who when delivering goods from across the sea. The demand for sweaters became high demand as the cold weather became and soon the sacristy of the sweater became for everyone. Now fashion has interpreted this for their own winter wear and clothing.


img-thingPast Fish Market above

&How we wear them modern now.

Hope you enjoy reading and learned the fun history of our fun sweaters for winter.

IT’S TRIPPY: 90’s Hip Hop & Fashion

We see today the baby gel hair on the runway, the du rags, the gold chains and dark stunner shades. How did all of this happen and where did it come from? It could’ve been the Mary J Blidge ” Real Love” video. Did it come from the Aaliyah try again video? Maybe Big Daddy Kane had a style influence. Whoever helped created this revival helped create a modernize version of the 90’s hip hop era sure did want it to stay. Celebs such as Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus have used this in their style influence. Companies such as DimePiece LA, Karmaloop, Nasty Gal sell these similar styles. Even high name brands such as Chanel, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang take it into their new collections. grid-cell-14946-1385134699-8The fashions began in the 80’s when a group known as Run DMC stepped to the mike in their adidas sweat suits, shell toe sneakers, Kangol bucket hats, and layers of gold chains. The industry seen this and thought it was an image to build on. Soon in the early 90’s people began wearing gold chains and and flashy jewels and prints. The hip hop world had a fashion of its own. There became different styles for woman with the tight body con dresses, midi shirts, big statement earrings, dreadlock similar braids, color blocking, and artistic prints. Woman inspired this was TLC, Aaliyah, Mary J Blidge, and Salt & Pepper. The mens fashions were more all over the place basing off which side of the us you lived on. In East coast regions it was heavy jackets, Work boots known as tims, gold chains, baggy jeans, and logo shirts. The west coast was more bandana prints, converses, dark shades, and baggy clothing as well.

photo4_1_-8762However a record company known as the name of Bad Boy changed the style game when he shown that you can be luxurious and a thug. He transformed Biggie Smalls from the FUBU styling rapper into someone wearing Versace prints and DKNY. A lot of other rappers began to become influenced by this and in the early 2000’s they started dressing in designer on the red carpet. Either way you style it hip hop in the 90’s has influenced the style and minds of today’s style savvy and young minds.header2 rs_1024x759-140218041524-1024-Will-Smith-Jimmy-Fallon-JR-21814 screenshot-2012-03-31-at-13.02.24

All sources:

To Pierce or Not to Pierce


Fashion can have many trends and different things going on at once. It can all be confusing of how this has happened but fashionable people latch onto it anyways. This is what is going on with the septum piercing. For those who do not know, the septum is a piercing through your nose cartilage. It sounds truly painful at first but then you have the chance to have a blingy nose hoop or some cool mini bar in your nose. Celebs like Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson,  Lady Gaga, and so many more. This trend has even been featured on DKNY models for their 2014 ad campaign. So you may be asking how did all this hype and buzz began? Well truly it did not start for fashionable purposes. It started out of spirituality and religious rites from African and south central American tribes. Many tribes used these piercings to determine the warriors in their group. They would use handmade jewelry such as pigs’ tusks, pieces of bone, feathers, pieces of wood, and other natural materials. Some children in history with the ages of 9-10 used to have this performed and others when they became mature enough for the rite. photo1-582x325  This piercing is also seen decorative in India and Nepal so the men would be attracted to the woman. The same went for the Mayan and Aztecs. Only the woman wore the decorative Jade and full gold rings in their nose to indicate beauty and elegance. It also determined how wealthy the family was if the ring was bigger than most girls in their tribe. Over the years we took their religious piercings and modernized it from the goth punk days of the 90’s to the tough tattoo girls and now to cutting edge it girls. Well That was my mini history on the facial piercing we see today! vida-kush43c38b82ccea25d08bb84abd7850b8db-300x200

Afro It Up: From the 1800’s to Now

runway girls looking chic

When you see a woman sporting her natural luxe down the street you can say she must be DYNAMITE! Many people can be seen rocking this known look from the 70’s but think only because it was fashionable. The hair trend dates back all th way to the 1800’s when slavery was still in effect and only hair styles slaves were known to have were braids or a afro. The afro than grew into the 50’s where you see influential people wearing it fighting against the Jim Crow laws and segregation. This look was seen as power and created a stature when wearing all black along with this style. Woman also in the music industry such as Donna Summer, Diana Ross, and many more were seen using this hair trend and making headlines for African American hair care. Which was not seen as beautiful during the civil rights movement.

afros from then and now soul train host rocking the fro

activist jesse jackson sporting the frodkny street mod afro style

After black hair care started making it onto shelves many woman began to love their natural look and began throwing out the straightening balms. Being seen with a fro was a sense of loving where you truly came from. Showing that the queens of Egypt and African nations wore this look in pride. The look has died down until recently making a huge comeback on celebs wo are truly infleuntial in music and fashion. The celebs such as Beyonce, Solange Knowles, Iman, Tyra Banks, and Nicki Minaj are creating it and making it their own interpretation. Now runways have it on their models showing it is not just for black woman. This is a truly beautiful thing.

let's take a look back at why we wear what we wear