Afro It Up: From the 1800’s to Now

runway girls looking chic

When you see a woman sporting her natural luxe down the street you can say she must be DYNAMITE! Many people can be seen rocking this known look from the 70’s but think only because it was fashionable. The hair trend dates back all th way to the 1800’s when slavery was still in effect and only hair styles slaves were known to have were braids or a afro. The afro than grew into the 50’s where you see influential people wearing it fighting against the Jim Crow laws and segregation. This look was seen as power and created a stature when wearing all black along with this style. Woman also in the music industry such as Donna Summer, Diana Ross, and many more were seen using this hair trend and making headlines for African American hair care. Which was not seen as beautiful during the civil rights movement.

afros from then and now soul train host rocking the fro

activist jesse jackson sporting the frodkny street mod afro style

After black hair care started making it onto shelves many woman began to love their natural look and began throwing out the straightening balms. Being seen with a fro was a sense of loving where you truly came from. Showing that the queens of Egypt and African nations wore this look in pride. The look has died down until recently making a huge comeback on celebs wo are truly infleuntial in music and fashion. The celebs such as Beyonce, Solange Knowles, Iman, Tyra Banks, and Nicki Minaj are creating it and making it their own interpretation. Now runways have it on their models showing it is not just for black woman. This is a truly beautiful thing.


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