To Pierce or Not to Pierce


Fashion can have many trends and different things going on at once. It can all be confusing of how this has happened but fashionable people latch onto it anyways. This is what is going on with the septum piercing. For those who do not know, the septum is a piercing through your nose cartilage. It sounds truly painful at first but then you have the chance to have a blingy nose hoop or some cool mini bar in your nose. Celebs like Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson,  Lady Gaga, and so many more. This trend has even been featured on DKNY models for their 2014 ad campaign. So you may be asking how did all this hype and buzz began? Well truly it did not start for fashionable purposes. It started out of spirituality and religious rites from African and south central American tribes. Many tribes used these piercings to determine the warriors in their group. They would use handmade jewelry such as pigs’ tusks, pieces of bone, feathers, pieces of wood, and other natural materials. Some children in history with the ages of 9-10 used to have this performed and others when they became mature enough for the rite. photo1-582x325  This piercing is also seen decorative in India and Nepal so the men would be attracted to the woman. The same went for the Mayan and Aztecs. Only the woman wore the decorative Jade and full gold rings in their nose to indicate beauty and elegance. It also determined how wealthy the family was if the ring was bigger than most girls in their tribe. Over the years we took their religious piercings and modernized it from the goth punk days of the 90’s to the tough tattoo girls and now to cutting edge it girls. Well That was my mini history on the facial piercing we see today! vida-kush43c38b82ccea25d08bb84abd7850b8db-300x200


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