IT’S TRIPPY: 90’s Hip Hop & Fashion

We see today the baby gel hair on the runway, the du rags, the gold chains and dark stunner shades. How did all of this happen and where did it come from? It could’ve been the Mary J Blidge ” Real Love” video. Did it come from the Aaliyah try again video? Maybe Big Daddy Kane had a style influence. Whoever helped created this revival helped create a modernize version of the 90’s hip hop era sure did want it to stay. Celebs such as Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus have used this in their style influence. Companies such as DimePiece LA, Karmaloop, Nasty Gal sell these similar styles. Even high name brands such as Chanel, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang take it into their new collections. grid-cell-14946-1385134699-8The fashions began in the 80’s when a group known as Run DMC stepped to the mike in their adidas sweat suits, shell toe sneakers, Kangol bucket hats, and layers of gold chains. The industry seen this and thought it was an image to build on. Soon in the early 90’s people began wearing gold chains and and flashy jewels and prints. The hip hop world had a fashion of its own. There became different styles for woman with the tight body con dresses, midi shirts, big statement earrings, dreadlock similar braids, color blocking, and artistic prints. Woman inspired this was TLC, Aaliyah, Mary J Blidge, and Salt & Pepper. The mens fashions were more all over the place basing off which side of the us you lived on. In East coast regions it was heavy jackets, Work boots known as tims, gold chains, baggy jeans, and logo shirts. The west coast was more bandana prints, converses, dark shades, and baggy clothing as well.

photo4_1_-8762However a record company known as the name of Bad Boy changed the style game when he shown that you can be luxurious and a thug. He transformed Biggie Smalls from the FUBU styling rapper into someone wearing Versace prints and DKNY. A lot of other rappers began to become influenced by this and in the early 2000’s they started dressing in designer on the red carpet. Either way you style it hip hop in the 90’s has influenced the style and minds of today’s style savvy and young minds.header2 rs_1024x759-140218041524-1024-Will-Smith-Jimmy-Fallon-JR-21814 screenshot-2012-03-31-at-13.02.24

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