History of the Cable Knit


Cable knit sweaters have been around for decades of time and have the intricate designs that only skilled knitters know how to handle. The different sweaters can be known as to tell hidden messages inside of them. These sweaters are slo known as the Aran sweater.

cablestitchThe cable knit in this design was made to symbolize the fisherman ropes.These sweaters allowed you to know who was the fisherman and who was working on the docks during those time periods. it can be brought back all the way from the early 1900’s when the industrial revolution started booming and when the docks became a bit busier. This was was the time people wore these sweaters on cold days to signify who was who when delivering goods from across the sea. The demand for sweaters became high demand as the cold weather became and soon the sacristy of the sweater became for everyone. Now fashion has interpreted this for their own winter wear and clothing.


img-thingPast Fish Market above

&How we wear them modern now.

Hope you enjoy reading and learned the fun history of our fun sweaters for winter.




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