Ride On: Riding Boots History

AW12RidingBootsRiding boots seem to be all the rage in fashion when it comes to the fall and winter season. You see them with fur lining, fleece lining, leather, gold metal accents, and so much. Fashion has made these boots their own variation of styles. However when did these boots coexist with just being  fashion statement and not for work wear. Not for the soldiers riding into the Revolutionary War?

riding-bootsRiding boots appeared in the 1500’s for men who used their horses as daily transportation to get to where they were going. Many say the Spaniards are the creators of these boots during the 1500’s. The original boots were sort of uncomfortable and made in the shape of the foot being pointed. Better developed shoes were made in the 1800’s during the American Gold Rush. The shoes were made for miners and cowboys to wear during their never ending work loads. Leather was still the choice material for the boots to be made in due to its sustainability against dirt and water. Today the boot has various forms from equestrian, cowboy , and just fashion for men and woman. In the end the boot has definitely evolved in the world of fashion.

1807_fullandhalfdress_chltenhammuseum_org_uk_edit Bloody-History-Of-The-Riding-Boot s-l1000


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